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In the age of digital transformation,
​we value the resourcefulness

Recommended service

■ Accommodation business DX promotion support
From the selection of simple tools for improving operational efficiency to the optimization of a complete set of in-house systems

■ WEB customer attraction agency / level
new management
Aiming to be able to complete the operation in-house, build a system together with the staff

Short-term on-site support
Set the period for each project and provide spot support

Recently, we are focusing on promoting DX at each facility, but digitization will not proceed without the understanding of the site
It is precisely in this era of digital transformation that we at hicee canFrom the customer's point of view, from the selection of the best digital toolsSo that all the staff in the field can benefit from digitalization,
We provide installation and operation support

Recent challenges in the hospitality industry

■ Shortage of young employees
■ Delay in digitization of business

■ Lack of facility concept and story, and expansion of activity programed plans

Other services

■ Management and operation support for hotels, inns, guest houses, and spa facilities
■ Management consignment
■Opening/renewal/rebranding support
■Due diligence and preparation of facility repair plans
■ Various types of training
■ WEB content (photo/video) production
■ English translation/interpretation

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